Payroll management

We work with global companies and candidates, we deal with different national and international legislation systems, as well as various taxation and social security systems.

Melt Consulting Group can help you with your payroll and legislation needs. By sharing knowledge and resources, we combine the strengths of an international network with in-depth local expertise and client-focused service.

We deal with and handle all employee’s needs: salaries, severance pay, bonus, insurance, expatriation costs, visa, etc.

If you outsource your payroll administration to an expert company, you save time and you can rest being assured that all local regulations, labour agreements and tax legislations are followed.

With our global knowledge and local presence, we optimise your personal management by reducing personal costs.


How can our Payroll experience help your company?

  • Online Remote Payroll Control: efficient and intuitive.
  • Cost Control: accurate invoice costs are available before authorizing timesheet.
  • Control of ghost employees and inflated hours with our time and attendance control system.
  • History of timesheets makes it easy to analyze trends and patterns: how much overtime or leave is each department or cost centre paying.
  • Duplicated Employees are highlighted.
  • Only pre-determined jobs and allowances are available. Approval of timesheets can be handled by several departments.
  • Requests for approval are sent from within the system to the pre-defined authorizer, avoiding delays.