Melt Consulting was created to provide staff to an American company for its projects in many continents.

This client needed a flexible, diverse workforce with technical and professional skills. Melt Consulting was created to fulfill this goal.

Shortly after this, we have started to look for African partners that could help us finding the best local staff to fulfill our clients’ requests.

One of the references we received was HSD Human Resources Solutions Ltd, a company with offices in Benin, Gabon, Cameroon, Conakry, Chad, Niger, Ivory Coast, Congo, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone.

After getting in contact with them, we have reached an agreement to collaborate and work together.  We have kept this working relation for two years and has been highly benefitial and been paying off for both parties.

We in Melt Consulting, as well as the people from HSD Human Resources Solutions Ltd, knew that the best choice for the business would be to merge in order to become the best human resources company in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Melt group we work using a large data base including local and expatriate candidates, as well as jobsites, professional networks, etc, in order to adapt well your recruitment needs.

Our workforce and payroll division has a strong knowledge of the different labor and tax laws and statutory requirements, so we can help you manage employees in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The experience of our employees and our deep knowledge of Africa allows us to serve both clients and candidates, to find the best fit for each position and each project.

Today, this group presents in 11 countries, has 15 branch offices and over 1300 workers, and constantly continues growing.

Each agreement with a new client is an incentive to be better, bigger and more professional.