The illusion and the motivation, essential in our work place

16-01-2017 Melt Group

Illusion is one of the issues that are always fulfilled when one joins a new job. But the truth is that as the years and time goes by, you get a little into the routine and you lose the desire to get down to work in the new company. That is why it is fundamental that every day has to be like the first day of work.

It’s about recovering the illusion, of entering into the office every day with the desire to reach the top, to know that something new is going to be done and to contribute in a small way to grow in the company, both personally and within the organization. That moment when you enjoy your job.

To that effect, it is fundamental to have always present what is the reason that made you accept the job. It is true that once the company becomes more familiar, there are certain issues that are not as counted or imagined as expected. But you also need to think about where you are coming from or what other alternatives you have.

If you are not happy, you can always look for other alternatives, but not get bitter at work. Searching for active jobs and opportunities, does not have to stop when a job has been found. It is important to check that other options exist for changing positions or companies.

In any case you should always use emotional intelligence. Maintaining a positive attitude, extracting the best from work and putting it into value is essential. Sometimes people simply get angry when they don’t like things, but they do not see those aspects that motivate them professionally, that imply an improvement in the quality of life, etc.