3 candidates you should not hire and how to identify them

Nonverbal language can help you discover which candidates you should not hire As we have talked before, there are some signs during the recruitment process or in the interviews that can help us choose or discard a particular candidate. Psychologist Neil Lavender, co-author of the book “Toxic Coworkers“, considers there are three personalities who…

20-07-2016 Melt Group


Keys in the recruitment of junior profiles

Recruitment of graduates is different to other selection processes Companies are nowadays keen on hiring junior candidates, often students which are finishing their degrees or young graduates. The cons of these type of workers are that they have little professional experience, but as a pro, a huge desire to develop in the…

06-04-2016 Melt Group

International Recruitment Agency - Melt Group

International Recruitment: the keys to success

In an International Recruitment process the coordination between agency and client is essential Technology has changed the world. The human resources world too. This is why in Melt Group we can work with a company established at the other side of the world with no communication or coordination problems. We can…

24-02-2016 Melt Group


“Recruitment in Africa is booming”

Melt Group has a leading position in the market of recruitment in Africa Interview with Hubert Nana, Co-CEO of Melt Group Hubert Nana has over 20 years of experience in recruitment and workforce management in sub-Saharan Africa for multinational companies in several sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Hospitality…

03-02-2016 Melt Group