How to build your personal brand to find a job

Having a positive online image is a plus to find a job Job search turned digital years ago, and we are not going to walk that path back again. Internet is the first place where candidates try to find a job. According to El País, 69% of candidates have replaced hand delivery of…

23-03-2016 Melt Group


8 words you shouldn’t use in your CV

You think you don’t, but you have probably used some of these words in your CV. “Motivated, creative, perfectionist, passionate, strategic, focused, career, multidisciplinary”. These words are repeated continuously in the resumes that every day pass through the hands of recruiters. Therefore you must start to differentiate from others. Companies…

10-02-2016 Melt Group


Find a job in January: New year, new job!

Take advantage of the first month of the year to find a job  Welcome 2016! We’re fully into the new year now, which for many people symbolizes the beginning of a new career opportunity. For some it is the time to improve their employment situation, and for others it’s the…

13-01-2016 Melt Group


Why you should not use the Europass CV

The Europass CV completely depersonalizes the candidate As a specialized company in recruitment processes and human resources, in Melt Group we have observed that it is a widespread practice among candidates the use of the Europass CV. However, for us this is not the best way to make a good impression and get the job…

03-12-2015 Melt Group

An A+ Resume to Find a Job

The Resume is a very valuable tool to find a job A resume can either open doors or keep them closed: it can become the key to finding your next job. To do so, it must have certain characteristics that will be very important in order to find a job….

11-11-2015 Melt Group

How to use Linkedin to find a job

Take full advantage of Linkedin to find a job We already talked to you in one of our past articles about the Rights and Wrongs of the use of social networks by candidates. As you may know, Linkedin is the most job-centered network, which is why today we want to focus…

14-10-2015 Melt Group


Social Networks to find jobs: Rights and Wrongs

How to use Social Networks to find jobs If you find yourself actively searching for work, you cannot turn your back to Social Networks to find jobs. As we advised you here, September is a good month for hiring and you need to know how to move around in social…

16-09-2015 Melt Group

Tips to Find a Job in September

Discover how you can find a job Out of all months in the calendar, September is definitely the one of changes and new beginnings. Back to school, back to the routine… And perhaps, back to work? September is a new starting point, and for many, the beginning of a new professional…

02-09-2015 Melt Group