How to prepare a group interview

A group interview delves into the candidate’s profile and how he relates to other people We’re back after the summer! We are preparing new articles with our advice, practical for both candidates and companies, about selection processes in Valencia and Recruitment. Today we bring out a consideration on how to…

07-09-2016 Melt Group


8 things you shouldn’t say in a job interview

In the job interview it’s better not to talk about some sensitive issues In a job interview you don’t only have to do things right in order to stand out, but you must also avoid saying or doing things that can put you in a bad position in front of…

22-06-2016 Melt Group


5 things you should never do in a job interview

Avoid these mistakes and you will ace your job interview You have finally received THE call. The call to do a job interview after applying for your dream job. So you’d better not make any mistakes in order to get the position! The job interview is your chance to make a good…

11-05-2016 Melt Group


How to be successful in the job interview

In the job interview you must show your strengths Most candidates fear the arrival of the job interview; however, it should be seen as an opportunity to demonstrate our strengths and convince the interviewer that we are the perfect person for the position. It is said that there is no…

05-11-2015 Melt Group


Communication in the job interview: verbal and nonverbal

Strengthen your communication in the job interview Yes! Your resume has passed the first filter and they call you to do a job interview for the position that you want to achieve. At this point, you must prepare before the meeting with the interviewer, especially your communication in the job…

30-09-2015 Melt Group