2nd Darts Championship – Melt Group

  Como todos los años para felicitarnos las fiestas de Navidad, Melt Group organiza para sus trabajadores un día especial que comienza con un sabroso aperitivo, intercambio de regalos (amigo invisible), comida NAVIDEÑA “PROPRIA” (Mirador de las Comedias), discoteca y por supuesto el torneo de dardos que por primera vez…

03-01-2019 Melt Group


The 8 phases of the recruitment process to hire the perfect candidate (II)

The phases of the recruitment process may vary depending on the position We continue with the second part of the article on the phases of the recruitment process to hire the perfect candidate. Let’s do a little recap of the first four stages which we talked about last week in this article: Pre-selection, First…

06-07-2016 Melt Group


The 8 phases of the recruitment process to hire the perfect candidate (I)

Following the right structure in the recruitment process is essential to finish it successfully In Melt Group, as a recruitment company, we have two pillars in our daily routine, which are dealing and communicating both with our clients and candidates. Once we know the needs of our client and we…

29-06-2016 Melt Group


How we manage a recruitment process in Melt Group

The recruitment process has several stages The recruitment process has changed a lot from its beginning, from traditional recruitment to the 2.0 which takes place today. The digital age has changed in many ways how we work in a Human Resources consulting agency. In Melt Group we distinguish three major…

18-11-2015 Melt Group


Recruitment tools in selection processes

Learn which recruitment tools we use in our selection processes Recruitment processes are more demanding every day, adapting to the new digital age and learning the current needs of companies. Therefore in Melt Group we use a variety of recruitment tools in our processes, always seeking to be efficient and…

22-10-2015 Melt Group

Recruitment Software: Bond International

In Melt Group we are well-known for our continuous search of excellence; we create work routines that allow us to squeeze the most of our time and profitability. Therefore since 2012 we use a powerful Human Resources and recruitment software created by the company Bond International. This company creates its products focusing in…

01-02-2015 Melt Group Admin

We use Colt technology – Smarter, Faster, Further

The best technology for the best recruitment Some years ago both job search and Staff Selection started to experience a deep change, caused by the increasing presence of digital tools and platforms that help us manage our daily work.  In Melt Group, Human Resources consulting specialized in Recruitment, Training, Payroll…

10-01-2015 Melt Group Admin