How to use Linkedin to find a job

Take full advantage of Linkedin to find a job We already talked to you in one of our past articles about the Rights and Wrongs of the use of social networks by candidates. As you may know, Linkedin is the most job-centered network, which is why today we want to focus…

14-10-2015 Melt Group

What do recruitment companies value in your resume

For recruitment companies the most important is experience and education When you are looking for a job, you have to face the writing and design of your Curriculum Vitae. Don’t worry; you’re not the first one in facing and disliking this task. The resume is the main item that both…

07-10-2015 Melt Group


Communication in the job interview: verbal and nonverbal

Strengthen your communication in the job interview Yes! Your resume has passed the first filter and they call you to do a job interview for the position that you want to achieve. At this point, you must prepare before the meeting with the interviewer, especially your communication in the job…

30-09-2015 Melt Group


Social Networks to find jobs: Rights and Wrongs

How to use Social Networks to find jobs If you find yourself actively searching for work, you cannot turn your back to Social Networks to find jobs. As we advised you here, September is a good month for hiring and you need to know how to move around in social…

16-09-2015 Melt Group


What do companies look for in a Recruitment Agency?

The role of HR and a Recruitment Agency It is a very broad question: What do companies look for in a Recruitment Agency? To begin with, there is no a direct, single answer. Both in Spain and throughout the world there is a wide range of Recruitment Agencies, so we…

09-09-2015 Melt Group

Tips to Find a Job in September

Discover how you can find a job Out of all months in the calendar, September is definitely the one of changes and new beginnings. Back to school, back to the routine… And perhaps, back to work? September is a new starting point, and for many, the beginning of a new professional…

02-09-2015 Melt Group

Meet Melt Group Football Team, our football team in Douala

Aprovechando la convención “Melt Group All Africa Convention 2015” celebrada en Douala en febrero, se organizó un partido amistoso entre Melt Group y el equipo de uno de nuestros principales clientes en Cameroon, Addax Petroleum. El partido fue una gran oportunidad para intercambiar experiencias y poder conocerse un poco más…

25-03-2015 Melt Group

Melt Group Annual Convention in Douala, Cameroon

This February Melt Group celebrated its Annual Convention in Douala, Cameroon. For this event, representatives from several countries (including Spain, Ivory Coast and Gabon) met, some of them for the first time. Three people from Spain traveled to Douala and brought with them their experience and the desire to learn…

04-03-2015 Melt Group Admin

Recruitment Software: Bond International

In Melt Group we are well-known for our continuous search of excellence; we create work routines that allow us to squeeze the most of our time and profitability. Therefore since 2012 we use a powerful Human Resources and recruitment software created by the company Bond International. This company creates its products focusing in…

01-02-2015 Melt Group Admin