Find a job in January: New year, new job!

Take advantage of the first month of the year to find a job  Welcome 2016! We’re fully into the new year now, which for many people symbolizes the beginning of a new career opportunity. For some it is the time to improve their employment situation, and for others it’s the…

13-01-2016 Melt Group


Melt Group wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy 2016

Only a few days left for the closing of 2015, and we look forward to 2016 hoping it will be a great year for Melt Group too. 2015 has been full of challenges, improvements and learnings. 2016 seems exciting! We will continue our expansion in sub-Saharan Africa and our Permanent Placement team…

23-12-2015 Melt Group


Why hiring faster is essential

The market must change the way recruitment processes are managed Hiring employees is without a doubt an important decision, however it shouldn’t mean it becomes an eternal process that is excessively prolonged in time. We are watching how it is becoming more frequent that candidates have up to 6 interviews for a…

16-12-2015 Melt Group


Why you should not use the Europass CV

The Europass CV completely depersonalizes the candidate As a specialized company in recruitment processes and human resources, in Melt Group we have observed that it is a widespread practice among candidates the use of the Europass CV. However, for us this is not the best way to make a good impression and get the job…

03-12-2015 Melt Group


Fun team building afternoon at Clue Hunter

Although in Melt Group our specialty are Human Resources and Recruitment, last week we decided to leave the office for a couple of hours to bring out our Sherlock Holmes spirit and solve mysteries and live escape games. We had a great time! We divided our Melt Group Valencia team into…

25-11-2015 Melt Group


How we manage a recruitment process in Melt Group

The recruitment process has several stages The recruitment process has changed a lot from its beginning, from traditional recruitment to the 2.0 which takes place today. The digital age has changed in many ways how we work in a Human Resources consulting agency. In Melt Group we distinguish three major…

18-11-2015 Melt Group

An A+ Resume to Find a Job

The Resume is a very valuable tool to find a job A resume can either open doors or keep them closed: it can become the key to finding your next job. To do so, it must have certain characteristics that will be very important in order to find a job….

11-11-2015 Melt Group


How to be successful in the job interview

In the job interview you must show your strengths Most candidates fear the arrival of the job interview; however, it should be seen as an opportunity to demonstrate our strengths and convince the interviewer that we are the perfect person for the position. It is said that there is no…

05-11-2015 Melt Group


Recruitment tools in selection processes

Learn which recruitment tools we use in our selection processes Recruitment processes are more demanding every day, adapting to the new digital age and learning the current needs of companies. Therefore in Melt Group we use a variety of recruitment tools in our processes, always seeking to be efficient and…

22-10-2015 Melt Group