Should you hire for personality or skill?

Consultants often have to face this question You are in the final stage of a recruitment process. Two final candidates attend the last interview: one of them has a solid experience, but his attitude could be improved; the other candidate has a very charming personality, but has less experience and accomplishments. Which of them do you…

30-03-2016 Melt Group


How to build your personal brand to find a job

Having a positive online image is a plus to find a job Job search turned digital years ago, and we are not going to walk that path back again. Internet is the first place where candidates try to find a job. According to El País, 69% of candidates have replaced hand delivery of…

23-03-2016 Melt Group

Fallas from Valencia in Melt Group

Our clients enjoy the mascletàs On the occasion of the celebration of Fallas in Valencia, in Melt Group we have been seized with the Fallas spirit. We have celebrated some special days in which we have received our clients in our office, with which we have enjoyed the mascletàs. The mascletàs are highly recognized firework shows…

16-03-2016 Melt Group


Why are we called Melt Group?

The name of Melt Group has a scientific basis It is one of the questions we receive often. Both from our candidates and our clients. And surely you thought about it too: Why Melt Group? In it’s foundation, our human resources company was called Melt Consulting. Before we merged with HSD Human…

09-03-2016 Melt Group


“Workforce management is our core business in Africa”

Our strengths in workforce management are professionalism, legal coverage and presence Interview with Salouck Bambag, CFO of Melt Group Salouck Bambang has over 30 years successful experience and track record as a Financial Manager, Business and Financial Consultant and Business Analyst. Before joining the Melt Group project, he worked in hotels and tourism companies….

02-03-2016 Melt Group

International Recruitment Agency - Melt Group

International Recruitment: the keys to success

In an International Recruitment process the coordination between agency and client is essential Technology has changed the world. The human resources world too. This is why in Melt Group we can work with a company established at the other side of the world with no communication or coordination problems. We can…

24-02-2016 Melt Group


Staffing in Africa: Melt Group’s know-how

We are experts in staffing in Africa, with great accumulated experience In Melt Group, human resources agency, four services stand out: Recruitment, Workforce management, Payroll and Training. Today we are going to focus in our core business in the African continent: staffing in Africa. Actually we are at the top…

17-02-2016 Melt Group


8 words you shouldn’t use in your CV

You think you don’t, but you have probably used some of these words in your CV. “Motivated, creative, perfectionist, passionate, strategic, focused, career, multidisciplinary”. These words are repeated continuously in the resumes that every day pass through the hands of recruiters. Therefore you must start to differentiate from others. Companies…

10-02-2016 Melt Group


“Recruitment in Africa is booming”

Melt Group has a leading position in the market of recruitment in Africa Interview with Hubert Nana, Co-CEO of Melt Group Hubert Nana has over 20 years of experience in recruitment and workforce management in sub-Saharan Africa for multinational companies in several sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Hospitality…

03-02-2016 Melt Group


Melt Group Board Meeting in our Valencia office

As we usually do in the first month of the year, we have celebrated the Annual Melt Group Board Meeting. In this meeting the four partners of the company have met; Rogelio Llorens, Andrea Grinta, Hubert Nana and Salouck Bambang. The Board Meeting was held at the headquarters of the company in Valencia….

26-01-2016 Melt Group