8 things you shouldn’t say in a job interview

In the job interview it’s better not to talk about some sensitive issues In a job interview you don’t only have to do things right in order to stand out, but you must also avoid saying or doing things that can put you in a bad position in front of…

22-06-2016 Melt Group

Melt Group attends GICAM Business Conference 2016, in Cameroon

From 28th May to 4th June, Melt Group was present at an important business meeting organized by the Groupement Inter-Patronal du Cameroun (GICAM), which counts with almost 350 members and associates. The 2016 edition of the Business Conference draw together a big number of local and international companies, in the…

15-06-2016 Melt Group


Celebration of International Worker’s Day in Melt Group

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Labour Day, on 1 May 2016 Melt Group has celebrated this day with its employees in various countries, like Gabon or Cameroon. In Port-Gentil, Gabon, a little parade was done by our workers to celebrate. The event in Douala, Cameroon, was attended by Co-CEO Rogelio…

25-05-2016 Melt Group


5 things you should never do in a job interview

Avoid these mistakes and you will ace your job interview You have finally received THE call. The call to do a job interview after applying for your dream job. So you’d better not make any mistakes in order to get the position! The job interview is your chance to make a good…

11-05-2016 Melt Group


Keys in the recruitment of junior profiles

Recruitment of graduates is different to other selection processes Companies are nowadays keen on hiring junior candidates, often students which are finishing their degrees or young graduates. The cons of these type of workers are that they have little professional experience, but as a pro, a huge desire to develop in the…

06-04-2016 Melt Group


Should you hire for personality or skill?

Consultants often have to face this question You are in the final stage of a recruitment process. Two final candidates attend the last interview: one of them has a solid experience, but his attitude could be improved; the other candidate has a very charming personality, but has less experience and accomplishments. Which of them do you…

30-03-2016 Melt Group


How to build your personal brand to find a job

Having a positive online image is a plus to find a job Job search turned digital years ago, and we are not going to walk that path back again. Internet is the first place where candidates try to find a job. According to El País, 69% of candidates have replaced hand delivery of…

23-03-2016 Melt Group

Fallas from Valencia in Melt Group

Our clients enjoy the mascletàs On the occasion of the celebration of Fallas in Valencia, in Melt Group we have been seized with the Fallas spirit. We have celebrated some special days in which we have received our clients in our office, with which we have enjoyed the mascletàs. The mascletàs are highly recognized firework shows…

16-03-2016 Melt Group


Why are we called Melt Group?

The name of Melt Group has a scientific basis It is one of the questions we receive often. Both from our candidates and our clients. And surely you thought about it too: Why Melt Group? In it’s foundation, our human resources company was called Melt Consulting. Before we merged with HSD Human…

09-03-2016 Melt Group


“Workforce management is our core business in Africa”

Our strengths in workforce management are professionalism, legal coverage and presence Interview with Salouck Bambag, CFO of Melt Group Salouck Bambang has over 30 years successful experience and track record as a Financial Manager, Business and Financial Consultant and Business Analyst. Before joining the Melt Group project, he worked in hotels and tourism companies….

02-03-2016 Melt Group