Melt Group´s day out in La Albufera Natural Park

Melt Group Valencia was  invited by one of our clients from the automotive sector that remained extremely happy after the succesful placements that we closed for them in the different plants they own in Spain. The whole team had a “day out of the office” last Friday 21st of July,…

26-07-2017 Melt Group

Melt Group visits Bauxite Mine of Kotobi in Ivory Coast

We visited one of the 4 places of the future Bauxite mine of LEA. The esplanade is located near the village of Kotobi in Bongouanou Prefecture and it has a flat surface of 30 000 hectares, they estimate that the content of Bauxite under the esplanade is of about 15…

16-05-2017 Melt Group

En Melt Group disfrutamos las fallas

Como en años anteriores, y gracias a nuestra envidiable localización desde Melt Group disfrutamos de las Fallas 2017. Durante varios días de Marzo celebramos nuestras ya clásicas jornadas falleras con nuestros clientes, con los cuales pusimos compartir desde nuestros balcones las diferentes Mascletàs que tuvieron lugar en la Plaza del…

15-03-2017 Melt Group

Melt Group participates in the PROMOTE 2017 business meeting in Cameroon

From the 11th to the 19th of February, Melt Group was present at PROMOTE 2017, the important business meeting organized by INTER-PROGRESS, International Foundation for mastering techniques and technologies in the development and promotion of the technical know-how of companies, celebrated in Yaoundé. The 2017 edition counted with more than…

20-02-2017 Melt Group

Cameroon, Africa Cup of Nations 2017’s Champion

Due to the ending of the Africa Cup of Nations 2017 celebrated in Gabon, in Melt Group we would like to congratulate Cameroon and especially all our colleagues  in Cameroon for the attainment of their fifth trophy, defeating the Egyptian national team by 2 to 1. Congratulations mes amis!

06-02-2017 Melt Group

The illusion and the motivation, essential in our work place

Illusion is one of the issues that are always fulfilled when one joins a new job. But the truth is that as the years and time goes by, you get a little into the routine and you lose the desire to get down to work in the new company. That…

16-01-2017 Melt Group

El bienestar en la oficina, clave para permanecer u optar a un puesto de trabajo

Ocho de cada diez empleados reconoce que, en los próximos diez años, el hecho de que una compañía cuente con un buen programa de bienestar (wellness) será crucial para permanecer en ella u optar a un puesto, según el último informe de CBRE, primera compañía a nivel internacional en consultoría…

20-12-2016 Melt Group

What turns a manager into a leader?

Today we bring you different keys that according to Professor Randall S Peterson, Academic Director of the Leadership Institute at the London Business School, turns a Director into a true Leader. 1.- Be self-aware People would like to be able to say, “I’m going to be great at everything I…

22-11-2016 Melt Group